Hyperion Law in the New York Times!

"Microphone with 'On Air' light"I’m excited to share that Hyperion Law was in the New York Times! Hyperion law shows up on page 2 of this article on entrepreneurial attorneys.

It’s thrilling to get coverage in such a prestigious paper on a topic I’m passionate about. I have a huge amount of respect for my friends, mentors and role models in large law firms, and believe that there are good lawyers to be found in large firms – but I also believe the large firm model doesn’t work well for all clients. So it’s important to me that people know that there are viable alternatives to work with equally qualified attorneys.

Special thanks to Garrett Dodge of Roqbot and Bobbie Carlton of Innovation Nights, who let me know about the opportunity to speak with the New York Times, and to Eilene Zimmerman, the author of the article!

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