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Hello, world!

Picture of Cynthia GilbertFirst off, introductions!

Who is this Hyperion guy, anyhow? Hyperion was the Greek god who was the father of the sun, the moon, and the dawn. This seems like an appropriate patron, given my mission of enlightening clients. How did I decide to name my firm after him? I’ve always named my computers/networks/machinery after figures from Greek and Roman mythology. When it came time to name my firm, I turned to the same sources for inspiration.

Who am I? A technologist-turned-lawyer with an entrepreneurial streak. An early adopter. An enthusiastic student of everything from law and technology to languages and history. And a first-time blogger! I hope you will have some patience in the first few days/weeks as I sort out Word Press and figure out how to get the blog up and running smoothly.

Who are you? Well, hopefully, you’ve got an interest in the ways in which law and technology intersect, are curious about the world of IP/patent law and how tech companies can use patents/IP to further their business objectives, want to read about my adventures starting and running a law firm, and/or will join me in a conversation about interesting tech topics of our day. Feel free to leave a comment introducing yourself!