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Back to our roots

Hyperion Law is founded on a radical idea.

Radical means “going back to the root”. The ultimate root of being a lawyer is being a trusted councilor, representing clients zealously, and empowering them to be effective stewards of their own rights.

My vision for Hyperion is a firm with core values that result in creation of a special partnership with clients – one that results not just in outstanding work product but in the lawyer acting as a true integral part of clients’ own business teams. I also believe that true passion in my clients’ business translates into true excellence in representation.

I see three pillars upon which to grow my practice:

– Passion.  No doing this because it’s not a bad way to make a living, or taking work because things are slow – engaging with clients because they have a problem I can be passionate about solving with them.

– Purpose.  No filing patents just because it’s fun.  It is.  But that’s not the point.  File for patents because the client and I see a clear way in which filing the application provides a direct benefit to the client and/or the client’s company.

– Vision.  Here I’m inspired by Tony Hsieh, the founder of, who said to chase the vision, not the money.  Have a bigger vision than just a pile of patents on a shelf – for example, an inventor who develops strategic relationships by licensing their intellectual property or a company that creates a competitive edge by concretely defining how they are unique from their competitors.  Be a part of something bigger than me and contribute to a jointly-developed vision of greatness.

In short, passionately doing great work for awesome clients that I truly believe in.