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A “Twitterview”

Posted on June 1, 2011 by

"Microphone with 'On Air' light" So, I had my first “Twitterview” yesterday. Until a few weeks ago, it hadn’t occurred to me that you might use Twitter to interview people. Then I got introduced to @22Twts and The Godard Group, where they do exactly that. They send you the questions a few hours in advance and then you respond to 22 tweeted questions.

Now that I think about it, this is brilliant. It’s a fun challenge for the lawyer – you only get 140 characters to respond to really interesting questions! – and a fun way for Twitter users to get to know the lawyer. Here are some of my favorite questions (and corresponding answers) from the interview:

Q: What would you say is the single most important legal issue affecting clients?
A: Understanding case law’s impact on software #patents & how to draft claims satisfying legal reqs while remaining useful to business

Q: How do you describe what you do to people you meet at a cocktail party?
A: “I help companies protect their world-changing technology via strategic use of IP. And run a radically different law firm to do so.”

Q: What would you do if you weren’t a lawyer?
A: An astrophysicist or an anthropologist. Or maybe an anthropologist who studies humanity’s obsession with the universe ;)

You can see a transcript of the entire exchange here. And thanks again to Lance Godard and @22Twts for this opportunity!


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LinkedIn Relationship Visualizer

I just discovered this neat LinkedIn feature that creates a visualization of your network. Here’s the one it generated for me:

I’m not entirely sure that this is useful for anything :) But it’s certainly pretty!


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